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Evaluation of Preemergence Herbicides for Early Season Onion Weed Control

by Tim C. Knowles

Institution: University of Arizona
Year: 1999
Keywords: Agriculture  – Arizona; Vegetables  – Arizona; Vegetables  – Herbicides
Record ID: 1699296
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10150/219954


Two experiments were conducted to determine the efficacy and safety of soil applied broadcast preemergent herbicides including Nortron, Prowl, Prefar, and Prefar + Prowl combinations applied at planting to fall seeded dry bulb onions. Crop stand reductions ranging from 10 to 33 percent resulted from Prowl 3.3EC use rates of 1.2 and 2.4 pt/acre. Prowl 3.3EC applied at 0.6 pt/acre, Prefar 4E applied at 4 and 6 qt/acre, Nortron 4SC applied at 2 pt/acre, and the combination of 0.6 pt Prowl 3.3 EC plus Prefar 4E were safe on fall seeded onions. Prefar plus Prowl combinations also provided winter weed control equal to or better than the standard 14 lb/acre Dacthal 75WP.