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Edmund Spenser as Protestant Thinker and Poet : A Study of Protestantism and Culture in The Faerie Queene

by Hoyoung Kim

Institution: University of North Texas
Year: 1993
Keywords: Edmund Spenser; Protestantism; Faerie Queene; Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. Faerie queene.; Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599  – Religion.; Protestantism in literature.; Culture in literature.
Record ID: 1657051
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc278683/


The study inquires into the dynamic relationship between Protestantism and culture in The Faerie Oueene. The American Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr makes penetrating analyses of the relationship between man's cultural potentials and the insights of Protestant Christianity which greatly illuminate how Spenser searches for a comprehensive religious, ethical, political, and social vision for the Christian community of Protestant England. But Spenser maintains the tension between culture and Christianity to the end, refusing to offer a merely coherent system of principles based on the doctrine of Christianity.