AbstractsComputer Science

Defense of surface ships against anti ship missiles

by Ramesh Kumar

Institution: Naval Postgraduate School
Year: 1990
Record ID: 1639675
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10945/28092


This thesis discusses the Anti-Ship Missile problem and explores the various options available for countering the Anti-Ship Missile. Special emphasis has been given to the chaff solution for defeating the Anti-Ship Missile. A program has been written to enable the testing of the effectiveness of the medium range and close range chaff deployed in conjunction with various conditions of wind and various ship's courses. The program can be used to determine the best solution for deploying the medium range chaff given the known parameters such as detection ranges and probable wind conditions. The program was run with medium range chaff deployed in the default position and the wind's course was varied through 180 degrees. For each of the courses of the wind 3 wind speeds were tried. The ship's course was also varied through 360 degrees for each of the winds courses in 45 degree steps. The seduction chaff was automatically deployed by the program