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Analysis: evaluation, investigation and conclusions based on pilot program conducted at Birmingham High School, Los Angeles, California; emphasis on multi-ethnic T-groups and contact theory

by Marguerite Sharon McDermott

Institution: California State University – Northridge
Department: Department of
Degree: MA
Year: 1979
Keywords: Group dynamics; Dissertations, Academic  – CSUN  – Education
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This project examined the pilot program conducted during the spring, 1978 semester at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, California, called the United Students ("US"). United Students was a student organization originally necessitated by the existence of identified racial isolation on campus. It was funded by a grant from the Los Angeles City School's General Fund and was conducted by graduate students of California State University, Northridge, Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling and Guidance. The project studied the use of T-groups, field trips, retreats and training in group dynamics and facilitation as tools for reducing racial isolation in an in-school setting. Data was gathered by observation, verbal reporting, and questionaires which profiled students' experiences and attitudes about their participation in United Sudents. Results of the data gathered indicated that changes were in a positive direction. The conclusion drawn from this project was that, at schools introducing integration, it may be of significant benefit to develop and implement a group-oriented service of this type.