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Religion as a Factor in the Literary Career of Nathaniel Hawthorne

by John Davidson Miller

Institution: North Texas State College
Year: 1952
Keywords: Nathaniel Hawthorne; religion; literature
Record ID: 1503245
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc130289/


The purpose of this study is to evaluate various religious elements in Nathainel Hawthorne's life in relation to his career as a literary artist. The moral seriousness of this author at once strikes us as being something closely akin to religious sentiment, but he refused to endorse any specific dogma or to subscribe to any one organized faith. We know from his work that he had a religion, but his silence leaves ample room for conjecture if we wish to "label" him, or decide which of those religions that he contemplated was most congenial to his nature.