AbstractsSocial Work

Case work services for displaced persons immigrating to Canada.

by Miriam. Weiner

Institution: McGill University
Department: School of Social Work.
Degree: Master Degree in Social Work.
Year: 1950
Keywords: Social Work.
Record ID: 1493230
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile124207.pdf


It is the purpose of this study to indicate the need for case work services to displaced persons admitted to Canada from Europe during the decade following world war II. It is the basic assumption of this enquiry that these people need more than casual friendly help from those among whom they settle. The immigrants are strangers to a new homeland, to a new community, to another culture. The D.Ps. face more than the usual difficulties and hardships of adjustment to a new community and its way of life. They have been subject to additional traumatic pressures of a sociological and psychological nature which in many cases have torn asunder their social relationships, family affiliations, political and citizenship status and seriously weakened the ego structure of their personalities. The fears and the anxieties which have been accumulated by them need to be understood and relieved. They need help which will permit them to regain a wholesome acceptance of themselves as individuals with a readiness to assume the responsibilities and the privileges of membership in a community in their new homeland.[...]