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the Role of Abraham in the Qur'an Islam, a Universal Religion?

by Jacques. Malka

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Islamic Studies.
Degree: MA.
Year: 1973
Keywords: Islamic Studies.;
Record ID: 1491797
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The question of the important role played by Abraham in the Qur'an has raised many controversies between the Orientalists. For some of them, such as Snouck-Hurgronje, Abraham holds in the Qur'an a quasi-political role which gives some independance and some authenticity to Mohammed's Mission. For others, such as youakim Mubarak, Muhammad followed Abraham because he saw him as the perfect religious pattern, responding to his own ideal. As for us, our opinion is that Abraham is the "universal Father of all the Believers" (Qur'an II, 118). He is consequently a personage with a universalist character. [...] La question du rôle important que joue Abraham dans le Coran a soulevé plusieurs controverses entre les Orientalistes. Pour certains, tel Snouck-Hurgronje, Abraham tient dans le Coran un rôle quasi-politique, donnant une certaine indépendance et une certaine authenticité à la Mission de Mohammed. Pour d'autres, tel Yuakim Muhàrak, Mohammed s'est attaché à Abraham parce qu'il voyait en lui le type, religieux parfait qui répondait à son idéal. Mais pour nous, notre thèse est celle-ci: Abraham est le "Père universel de tous les croyants" (Coran II, 118). C'est donc un personnage à caractre universaliste. [...]