The relationship between authentic leadership, psychological capital, followership and work engagement

by Marieta du Plessis

Institution: University of the Western Cape
Year: 2014
Keywords: Work engagement ; Psychological capital ; Followership ; Authentic leadership ; Positive organisational behaviour ; Healthcare industry ; Positive orientation ; Personal resources ; Job performance ; Wellbeing
Record ID: 1475630
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/11394/3903


The present study provided insight into authentic leadership, psychological capital and exemplary followership behaviour as antecedents of work engagement of employees. A quantitative, cross-sectional survey design was utilised, using a composite electronic questionnaire. Data was gathered by using a purposive sample of managers in a national South African healthcare industry organisation (N = 647). The portability of the measurement instruments to a South African context were validated through confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis. The psychological capital and authentic leadership measures retained its original factor structure and items, whilst the work engagement and followership measures were adapted to improve the internal reliability and construct validity of the instrument for the healthcare industry sample. The higher-order factor structure of psychological capital was also confirmed