AbstractsPolitical Science

Improving the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS policy in City Power Johannesburg

by Randir Bheamchand Sibran

Institution: University of Johannesburg
Year: 2015
Keywords: Employee Assistance Program; HIV infections - Government policy - South Africa - Johannesburg; AIDS (Disease) - Government policy - South Africa - Johannesburg; Voluntary counselling and testing; City Power - Johannesburg
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The study deals with the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS policy in City Power Johannesburg (CPJ). HIV/AIDS is a worldwide pandemic. Sub-Saharan Africa is the worst affected and very little is being done to suppress its destructive nature. All administrative spheres need to implement workplace policies, procedures and programs to curb and eventually eliminate any new infections and the spread of the pandemic. Whilst workplace policies are a statement of intent and are formulated to guide decision making, they are only effective when formulated, implemented, monitored and evaluated, and reviewed strategically. The methodological approach adopted in this study is qualitative by nature and interpretative. For this dissertation to achieve its purpose, the main study objectives were to determine the objectives of the current HIV/AIDS policy in CPJ, to determine how these objectives have been achieved and what measures could be taken if these objectives are not achieved? The dissertation proposed that in order to curb the pandemic in CPJ, the HIV/AIDS policy will only attain policy effectiveness if various interventions are implemented and adhered to.