Land conversion impact on economic growth : case of KwaDukuza Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal Province South Africa.

by Mutombo Isaiah. Badienzele

Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal
Department: Town and regional planning
Year: 2015
Keywords: Town and regional planning.
Record ID: 1474006
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10413/11826


Land use changes affect the environment, economy, and society at various spatial and temporal levels. KwaDukuza is currently experiencing rapid changes mostly noticeable within it in terms of economic growth with effects from land uses changes. This study examines the impact of land use change on economic growth in KwaDukuza Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal province, with a focus on the conversion of agricultural land to urban land. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to investigate the impact of various changes in land use. The result reveals that more investments attributed to economic growth in KwaDukuza. These investments spread across three different sectors impacting on the economic growth of KwaDukuza Municipality. The tertiary sector (finance, wholesale, retail, catering and accommodation) contributes more towards economic growth in KwaDukuza than any other sector. The secondary sector (manufacturing, building and construction) is likely to become a key area of growth in KwaDukuza. Finally, the primary sector, particularly agriculture remains the dominant contributor to the local economy, even though its contribution is declining under the increasing pressure from urban development. The study recommends the need for holistic approach towards integrating the new development initiatives, while reconciling the importance of agricultural land resources potentials in KwaDukuza Municipality.