AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

An initial analysis of South African mutual fund expenses

by James Griffiths

Institution: University of Cape Town
Degree: M.Com.
Year: 2010
Keywords: Financial Management
Record ID: 1466112
Full text PDF: http://uctscholar.uct.ac.za/PDF/89021_Griffiths_J.pdf


Includes abstract. The following research aims to collect and collate a set of data relating to characteristics of mutual funds within the South African Mutual Fund Industry, with a specific focus on expenses. In addition, this research aims to investigate certain relationships within the industry, again keeping a specific focus on expenses. The key data used in the analysis include South African Mutual Fund Total Expense Ratios, Net Asset Values and Annualised Returns as well as mean Total Expense Ratios for other countries. The research finds that there exists no relationship between fund performance and expenses within the South African Mutual Fund Industry and that South African mutual funds exhibit significantly higher expenses than those of developed nations.