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Cross check survey : world commission on dams

by Christopher Clarke

Institution: University of Cape Town
Degree: M.Phil.
Year: 2000
Keywords: Environmental and Geographical Science
Record ID: 1429130
Full text PDF: http://uctscholar.uct.ac.za/PDF/103415_Clarke_C1.pdf


Bibliography: pages 71-72. The World Commission on Dams (WCD) has completed a global survey of the performance, impacts and decision-making aspects of 125 large dam projects - th Cross-Check Survey. The primary aim of the Survey was to determine broad patterns and trends indicative of past performance, impacts and decision-making aspects of a selection of large dams that reflect the global population. Consequently, the findings of the Survey provided a link between the broad patterns and trends emerging at a global and regional level and the more in-depth findings provided by the other components of the WCD knowledge base. Thus, the Survey provided an entry point to "cross-check" the collective evidence to the WCD knowledge base - comprised of over 900 topic-related written submission, four regional consultations and workshops, 17 thematic reviews, 11 case studies and three country studies. The Cross-Check Survey sought to inform the WCD knowledge base on large dams in a responsible and consequential way but without any claims for being necessarily complete.