‘Continvaunce of remembraunce’: an edition and discussion of lyrics from the Findern Manuscript (CUL MS Ff.I.6)

by Julie Tanner

Institution: University of Birmingham
Department: School of English, Drama, American & Canadian Studies
Year: 2015
Keywords: D111 Medieval History; ML Literature of music
Record ID: 1400335
Full text PDF: http://etheses.bham.ac.uk/5748/


This edition and discussion of the Findern Manuscript (CUL MS Ff.I.6) presents the first time that its unique lyrics are edited as a whole. The edition pursues the balance between accessibility and authenticity, representing both the manuscript and the texts themselves. The discussion synthesises the current critical milieu which surrounds the manuscript, and draws out new aspects worthy of attention, such as inter-textual connections, thematic elements and musical context. Together, these parts create an impression of the unique lyrics as a body of work contributed by numerous aspirant female and male writers using the manuscript page as a meetingplace for the exchange of ideas.