AbstractsComputer Science

Automatic Rain Drop Detection for Improved Sensing in Automotive Computer Vision Applications

by Dereck D. Webster

Institution: Cranfield University
Year: 2014
Record ID: 1391406
Full text PDF: http://dspace.lib.cranfield.ac.uk/handle/1826/9154


The presence of raindrop induced distortion can have a significant negative impact on computer vision applications. Here we address the problem of visual raindrop distortion in standard colour video imagery for use in non-static, automotive computer vision applications where the scene can be observed to be changing over subsequent consecutive frames. We utilise current state of the art research conducted into the investigation of salience mapping as means of initial detection of potential raindrop candidates. We further expand on this prior state of the art work to construct a combined feature rich descriptor of shape information (Hu moments), isolation of raindrops pixel information from context, and texture (saliency derived) within an improved visual bag of words verification framework. Support Vector Machine and Random Forest classification were utilised for verification of potential candidates, and the effects of increasing discrete cluster centre counts on detection rates were studied. This novel approach of utilising extended shape information, isolation of context, and texture, along with increasing cluster counts, achieves a notable 13% increase in precision (92%) and 10% increase in recall (86%) against prior state of the art. False positive rates were also observed to decrease with a minimal false positive rate of 14% observed.