Osebergskipet - byggingen av vikingkopien; The Oseberg Viking ship – the building of the replica

by Heidi Kristiansen

Institution: Karlstad University
Year: 2014
Keywords: The Oseberg Viking ship; Osebergskipet; Humanities; Humaniora; Historia; History
Record ID: 1359775
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:kau:diva-32490


The point of this essay is to analyze, and compare the numerous articles of the local newspaper Tønsbergs Blad during the building of The Oseberg Viking ship. This ship is the most famous ship from this era, and was built in full scale in 2012. My focus is the use of history in regards to the construction of the ship, which was done by hand, using the Vikings methods, and tools. This essay represents a selection of 16 news articles during and after the launch the building. Focus is the use of history in a Norwegian context during the latest 100-150 years, with examples on how the past is used to describe Norway today, in contrast to the Viking age from the 800-900. To achieve the aim four questions are formulated:  Why did The New Oseberg Ship Foundation decide to build the ship just like the Vikings did, a thousand years ago?  What were the motives behind the project? Did the public show any interest for the Viking ship?  What were the challenges that faced the engineers and carpenters? The study indicates that the construction of the Oseberg Viking ship is built on extensive research in regards to history, archaeology and the vintage Viking ship still in existence. The Oseberg Viking ship is built by the use of original tools and methods. The aim was for The New Oseberg Ship Foundation to see if they could succeed in the planning of the project – and ultimately end up with a full scale, fully authentic functional Viking ship. The New Oseberg Ship Foundation today continues the building of other Viking ships. The interest from the public was, and continues to be great. The Oseberg Viking ship was found in Tønsberg. In modern times, images of Viking ships have been used in a mixture of ways, but especially as symbols of national and cultural identity. Viking imagery has been used to evoke a sense of past glory. The Oseberg Viking ship is the most spectacular ship from the Viking Age.