The Choquet Integral Applied to Ranking Therapies in Radiation Cystitis

by Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: mathematics - general; medical sciences; utility matrix; parametric membership functions; weights of importance; utilities of therapies; choquet integral
Record ID: 1350862
Full text PDF: http://www.bth.se/fou/forskinfo.nsf/all/2346894cb4713d1bc1257d9500383f33?OpenDocument


Radiation cystitis is in general rarely occurring, which makes it very difficult to study in a large group of clinical trials. Most available data about radiation cystitis treatment come from a small number of descriptive studies or from expert opinions. As clinical data are considered to have low quality then physicians, who are still facing patients with a disease hugely influencing quality of life, mostly base on their own experience. We thus want to test fuzzy decision-making model, regarded as a valuable tool, to help in selecting a patient-tailored treatment in radiation cystitis. Theoretical fuzzy decision-making models, possessing the utility matrix filled with distinct utilities of pairs (decision, object-state), give rise to own trials of successfully accomplished applications concerning the item of medication. After interpreting pairs (decision, object-state) as (therapy, symptom), we intend to prove decision-making based on the Choquet integral to extract the optimal treatment in radiation cystitis.