Impact of Virtualization on Timestamp Accuracy

by Kishore Dantuluri

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: telekommunikation; telecommunications; time-stamping accuracy; virtualization; xen; virtualbox; network time protocol
Record ID: 1348685
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The ever-increasing demand for high quality services require a good quantification of performance parameters such as delay and jitter. Let’s consider one of the parameters, jitter, which is the difference between the inter arrival time of two subsequent packets and the average inter-arrival time. The arrival or departure time of a packet is termed as time-stamp. The accuracy of the timestamp will influence any performance metrics based on the arrival/departure time of a packet. Hence, the knowledge or awareness of time-stamping accuracy is important for performance evaluation. This study investigates how the time-stamping process is affected by virtualization