Flight Path Simulation Application

by Ulf Bylander

Institution: Uppsala University
Year: 2014
Keywords: Simulation flight path; Engineering and Technology; Teknik och teknologier; Master Programme in Engineering Physics; Civilingenj├Ârsprogrammet i teknisk fysik
Record ID: 1338115
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-231090


CTF3 is a test facility for a new CLIC high energy linear collider. For this beamsteering and beam focusing is vital. Because physically running a beamline and changingsetup is expensive and takes much effort it is beneficial to use a simulator for thebeamline. The transportation of the beam through the beamline can be representedwith matrix multiplications and for this reason MATLAB is a fitting environment tosimulate in. A Flight Path Simulator was written in MATLAB and was succefullyimplemented and tested for the CALIFES beamline of the two-beam test stand that ispart of the CTF3 facility.