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Parents' experiences of daily life having a child with Down syndrome in Costa Rica

by Stina Persson

Institution: Sophia Hemmet University
Year: 2014
Keywords: Down syndrome; Parents; Daily life; Costa Rica; Nursing; Medical and Health Sciences; Health Sciences; Nursing; Medicin och hälsovetenskap; Hälsovetenskaper; Omvårdnad; Medicine; medicin; Sjuksköterskeprogrammet; Sjuksköterskeprogrammet
Record ID: 1334691
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Background Out of all chromosomal disorders, Down syndrome is the most common. Being a parent to a child with this contition comes with unique challenges and can be a life-changing experience, as the child will require special attention and interdisciplinary care throughout the life span. Limited research has been done regarding parents experiences of daily life with a child having Down syndrome, and this study is an attempt to contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon in general, and in Costa Rica in particular. Aim The aim of the study was to describe parent's experiences of daily life with a child having Down syndrome in Costa Rica. Method A qualitative interview study with a semi-structure was used as approach together with qualitative content analysis. An inductive approach was used for the analysis. Six parents in San José were interviewed for the study. Result Parents' experiences of daily life with a child having Down syndrome in Costa Rica was associated with various aspects, some in general and some more specific. The general were positive and negative experiences, whereas the others were more focused on specific areas regarding the daily life and Costa Rica as a country. Conclusion Parents in Costa Rica tend to have similar positive and negative experiences when comparing to other studies of this phenomenon. The findings suggest that Costa Rica is a country with deficiencies when it comes to the social, legal and educational system.