Grand Voyages:

by Englund Joel

Institution: Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
Year: 2014
Keywords: interior architecture; architecture; traveling; journey; cruise boat; experience; heirloom; souvenir; memory of space; utopia; transformation of space; inrednings arkitektur; arkitektur; resande; kryssning; upplevelse; souvenir; minnen av rum; utopia; transformation av rum; Humanities; Arts; Design; Humaniora; Konst; Design; Humanities; Arts; Humaniora; Konst; Humanities; Arts; Architecture; Humaniora; Konst; Arkitektur; InSpace (Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Master); InSpace (Inredningsarkitektur & Möbeldesign, Master)
Record ID: 1332372
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:konstfack:diva-4772


A journey begins with an act.  To move one's body/mind from one place to another. The planning of where, when and how to get there.  Expectations of what to come, before, during and after. In my thesis I turn to the notions we encounter when experiencing space. Through the bodies movement we shift our perspectives, leaning our eyes on surroundings of change, we mediate what is perceived. Telling us the story of where we have been and where we are heading to.  The fragile surface of the lace cloth covering the sunlight shine in my grandmothers kitchen window had to me an unfamiliar texture and its yellowing white colour brought a time from another generation. Drinking weak silver tea and sitting next to this curtain formed a tactile memory of constant. I don´t remember any other details from those days, other than the taste of the tea and the atmosphere created by the lace. When, during a journey in unknown lands several years after, I again saw this lace covering a window I remembered not the situation nor the tea but a sort of comfort. A memory of carrying both my past and present.  The memory of space is created both in the past and the present but also when we leave, as we remember and recall it. How do we interpret what is a part of our past, present and future? And where is the real/unreal memory of space created?  To investigate these notions I placed my self in a sort of somewhere! On the border between reality? and utopia. In an constant journey of bodies from familiar to unknown. In a place where perception of space pass through movement and time. In an journey of memory and imagination. In a cruise boat.