From a project to an organisation: a Strategic Communication’s approach

by Luis Miguel Ribeiro

Institution: Universidade Nova
Year: 2014
Keywords: Strategic Communication; Organisational Identity; Organisational Image; Organisational Reputation; Employees’ identification; Internal communication; Bank
Record ID: 1323733
Full text PDF: http://www.rcaap.pt/detail.jsp?id=oai:run.unl.pt:10362/12175


Relatório de Estágio apresentado para cumprimento dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do grau de Mestre em Ciências da Comunicação, área de especialização em Comunicação Estratégica The concept of Strategic Communication has been gaining ground in the organisational world, namely in the financial and banking industry. Companies can no longer sustain a simply tactical communication function and turn to a more strategic approach, in order to properly manage the organisation’s identity, Image and reputation, to increase employees’ identification and to help them in pursuing its mission. This report aims at providing an overview of traineeship carried out at the Marketing and Communications department of BNP Paribas Securities Services in Lisbon, highlighting the challenges faced and the solutions adopted. Taking into account that the organisation is a recent one, and built upon a non-traditional business model, the report looks into the emergence and evolution of the communication processes over the implementation of the organisation, while stressing the need for a more strategic approach to communication. After an analysis of the current situation and employees’ perception of communication phenomena within the organisation, this report pin points the areas that need closer attention in terms of communication, in order for the organisation to become increasingly more coherent and purposeful. Finally, it summarises a learning experience and unveils the path travelled by a changing organisation towards building and implementing a Strategic Communication function.