The catalytic effect of acetic acid-water solutions on the rate of racemisation of 1-trans-α,ɣ-dimethylglutaconic acid

by Evan W. Wright

Institution: University of Canterbury
Department: Chemistry
Year: 1940
Record ID: 1305294
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10092/8152


The glutaconic acids are substances possessing a highly mobile three carbon tautomeric system. They also exhibit geometrical isomerism and, in the case of the symmetrically di-substituted acids, optical isomerism as well. Glutaconic acid has the trans configuration, but readily yields an anhydride which on careful hydration forms the unstable cis-acid (Malachowski, Ber., 1929, 62, (B) 1323). This is explained by the high mobility of the system which results in isomerisation from the trans to the cis form as a preliminary step in anhydride formation