A phase rule investigation of the three component system BaO - (CH3CO)2O - H2O at 25 degrees C.,and 35 degrees C

by Joyce Watson

Institution: University of Canterbury
Department: Chemistry
Year: 1940
Record ID: 1305080
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10092/7941


The metals of Group IIA in the Periodic Table show a tendency to form complexes and hydrates. Increasing tendency to form hydrates is accompanied by increasing solubility of the salts in water, except in the case of salts of the weak acids, in which case the solubilities decrease. This is to be expected that in the case of barium salts there will be evidence of complex formation hydrated. Salts produced by the reaction of a weak acid, like acetic acid, with a strong base like barium oxide, might be expected to hydrolyse in aqueous solutions. Reference to the literature on the barium acetate and acetic acid shows that work has been carried hearing in the system BaO – (CH₃CO)₂O - H₂O.