AbstractsComputer Science

Piloting map service for navigating in punctuality analyses for trains

by Magnus Krane

Institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Year: 2014
Keywords: ntnudaim:10781; MIDT Datateknologi (2 årig); Software
Record ID: 1294136
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:no:ntnu:diva-27339


In a complex system such as the Norwegian railway network, there are much thatcan affect a trains punctuality. The undertakers strive to achieve higher and higherpunctuality, while the infrastructure owner, Jernbaneverket, strive for minimaldowntime on the railway network. There is collected much data for analysis aboutthe trains run and the infrastructure, in order to achieve higher punctuality and lessdowntime. The users are able to track down the source of delays and find possibleimprovements on the infrastructure, by analyzing and comparing the different datasets collected.There are many users across both different companies and internal divisionsin a company that need to cooperate, due to the size and complexity of a railwaynetwork. The different users have different needs when studying the data sets. Aarea director have the need to see the big picture over time, while a segment directorwants to see every detail within its segment.In this thesis we demonstrate a system that is aware of the different stakeholdersrequirements when presenting data. The system also takes into consideration thestakeholders need for analyzing different types of data, and comparing these.Finally, we conclude how users should be defined within a domain in order tobe aggregated over.