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In a 3D marine survey, often large areas of poor coverage (‘coverage holes’) exist caused by feathering during the actual acquisition. Infill management is introduced to fill those ‘coverage holes’, but a high percentage of infill shooting will increase the cost of time and economy in the real survey. Recently, based on the concept of the Fresnel zone, a new infill management technique, called the Fresnel zone binning, was introduced by Monk (2010). In this article, the theoretical formulas to calculate and construct the Fresnel zone binning for different offsets and velocity cases were introduced. In my thesis, this new Fresnel zone binning technique will be tested against ray tracing simulations in NORSAR3D. Based on ray tracing and time migration, the Fresnel zone binning calculated by the theoretical formulas will be evaluated. The overall goal is to see if this new concept can effectively decrease the percentage of the infill shooting and improve the quality of seismic imaging.