AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

A brand strategy for the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge:

by S. Oikonomou

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2013
Keywords: brand strategy; sanitation
Record ID: 1264782
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The lack of proper sanitation has cost many deaths to subsistent citizens all around the world. In India, open defecation is still practiced in urban and rural areas. Many efforts to provide toilets to the people that lack them, met failure because they lack one necessary element. Emotional engagement. This report presents “SANIR“. An value-based, aspirational brand was designed to guide the innovation process and accompany the implementation of an innovative sanitation solution for Indian slums. This project is conducted of the “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge“. A collaboration between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and leading Universities around the world. The project seeks to find new innovative, highly technological solutions to the problems that the lack of proper sanitation brings all around the developing world. This brand strategy was done to support the effort of TUDelft to bring the user-centered design principles into this technology-led project, thus creating solutions that people will enjoy to use. The brand strategy developed aims, firstly, at changing the often gloomy and unprofessional image that brands for NGO and social businesses have. “SANIR“ is a strong, professional brand that sets to affect not only the sanitation habits of those who experience it but also help them grow and find the power to change their lives for the better. The brand is set to change the relationship that slum dwellers have with sanitation solutions and help spreading a positive message. Internal research fitted to the environment of a Not-for-Profit organisation was initially conducted to uncover clues suitable for the brand. An in depth secondary research using new media was employed to set the ground for a field research in the future context of application. The research had as a main goal to discover the aspirations and intrinsic motivations of slum dwellers and trends in the context. The results were used to build a framework for a brand startegy for a social business and the development of the respective brand identity. The project concludes with a designed brand communication and corporate visual identity, a touchpoint system to support the initiation of the implementation and some examples of possible implementation on brand touchpoints.