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Improving the Efficiency of Collaboration in Philips Consumer Lifestyle:

by C. Li

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2012
Keywords: process design; Philips Consumer Lifestyle; SMART VORTEX Project
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The thesis will contribute to the SMART VORTEX Project. The goal of the research is to improve the efficiency of decision making among the engineers in PCL. The main research question is "how can we design a process to improve the efficiency of collaboration among the engineers in PCL". To achieve this goal of the research, there are four specific questions should be answered. (1) What is the current decision making situation among the engineers in PCL? (2) What are the requirements for the efficiency of the decision making process in PCL? (3) What is the designed process can help improving the efficiency of decision making process? (4) Does the designed process improve the efficiency of decision making in PCL?