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Designing intimate touch technology:

by C.Y. Kuo

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: Intimate; teledildonic
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This assignment features the development of a prototype of a female teledildonic device. The assignment is sponsored by KIIROO and aims to meet the needs of a growing market for sex-toys. The counterpart of this product, which is a male teledildonic product, has already been developed. This female product not only needs to fulfill the function of a normal dildo but also able to interact with its male counterpart via Internet connection in real time. The process of the development involves researching existing teledildonic products, holding sessions with focus groups, investigating and evaluating usable internal mechanisms, building the prototype, and determining the final evaluation. Since there are few teledildonic products available on the market, the conclusion drawn from the prototype is valuable to KIIROO for the development of a real product.