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A design of a transportation system for the logistics at location South at FloraHolland Aalsmeer:

by J.L.M. Osterholt

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: Delft Systems Approach; Multiple Criteria Analysis; FloraHolland
Record ID: 1257959
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At FloraHolland the maintenance cost of the internal transportation system are rising. Together with an expected decrease in annual transported trollies, an research into the Aalsmeer Shuttle was started. This paper describes the research done into a different transportation system. The Delft Systems Approach is used to analyze the processes and flows at FloraHolland, which are used to define the functions and requirements of the desired system. Several concepts were designed together with experts at FloraHolland and were ranked using weighted selection criteria, which was done by the Analytic Hierarchy Process by T. Saaty. This selection procedure led to the choice to transport the flows by tractor and train. The design concept was analyzed, first by a deterministic model and based on the results a simulation model was created. The results of this simulation model was used to study the required number of tractors and their usage during the day, and the occupancy of the hallways and intersections. Using the results of the simulation adjustments are proposed to create enough capacity at different amounts of transports.