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Exploration in the role of a co-operative facilitating collaborative IT decision making in the public sector:

by L. Van der Quast

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: IT decision making; co-operative; facilitative leadership; public sector; inter-organizational collaboration; network theory
Record ID: 1257684
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Public organizations are vulnerable when individual deciding upon IT investments. Collaborative IT decision making may provide the opportunity for sharing costs and expertise in the development of effective IT solutions. But, it is difficult for a facilitative leader to create shared understanding in IT decision making. Case study research of Midwaste in the waste sector is performed to explore the role of a co-operative in collaborative IT decision making. Network theory explains why IT managers prefer individual decision making. An IT manager is either depending on the political influence of the shared IT infrastructure with the municipality or the partnership with the software provider to reduce risks of IT decision making. For Midwaste the best strategy is to start collaborative IT decision making with the most wiling and ready members. These are members that are the least dependent. Next, a multi issue agenda will creates the shared understanding. To ensure statistical generalization of the theory more quantitative research is needed. Future research could be to investigate the shared IT infrastructure of public organizations with the municipality. How may the freedom of IT managers influence the effectiveness of IT decision making. A survey between multiple public organizations may be disseminated.