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The development of an adventurous lighting product for Weltevree:

by W.J. Verhoeff

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: lighting; lantern; interaction
Record ID: 1255790
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The brand Weltevree positions itself in the market with a line of basic products people can enjoy and interact with. The products in the collection all fit a similar vision. ‘Weltevree is about enjoying the basic things in an honest way, delivering a quality experience for both you and your companions. The products are meant to be used and invite you to an adventure.’ This thesis focuses on the design of an adventurous lighting product for Weltevree. Within the modern world, lighting is, contrary to most electronic devices, still associated with being fixed to a single place. Combined with the current trends, this creates a need for lighting that guides you on your personal and social adventures. Instead of facilitating the adventure, like the current products in the Weltevree collection, the aim is to guide and support adventure. The designed product consists of a rotatable sphere on top of a translucent body and a solid handle that functions as rotational axis of the sphere. Within the sphere the combination of a collimator and a LED provide a bundled light beam, similar to a flashlight. By facing the ball forward the product functions as task light, facing the ball downward creates an ambient light caused by the refraction in the body. The three primitive shapes provide recognizable usecues that indicate the desired interaction. The product has a clever mechanical construction, an adventurous mentality and a friendly character, which makes it utterly suitable for the Weltevree collection. It is named Guidelight, which describes the character of the product.