The Creative City of Chicago:

by W.L.A. Veltman

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2014
Keywords: Chicago South Works; Creative City; Cultural Bridge
Record ID: 1254107
Full text PDF: http://resolver.tudelft.nl/uuid:dff49b7d-92e6-4ce5-a505-76de5d1f2c7d


The Southworks site nowadays is an empty, large piece of land, with only some ore walls deriving from the former steel factory at this site as tangible constructions. The neighborhood directly next to this site is very poor and low of value. People leave the neighborhood and therefore a lot of houses and plots are vacant, causing a further decrease of value of the neighborhood. Between this neighborhood and the Southworks site a new extension of a highly used motorway (the Lake Shore Drive) is located, which causes a barrier between these two parts. To be able to redevelop the Southworks site the direct neighbourhood should be taken into consideration. The new program that will be proposed for the site should attract people and cause a rise in value for the whole neighborhood. Also the fact that the Lake Shore Drive now starts in this neighborhood should be taken into account when considering a (new) program for the neighborhood/site. The goal is to implement a new program for the Southworks site that will also have a positive effect on the direct neighborhood. It should attract a mixture of people, by adding new job and learning opportunities, to be able to create a more vibrant neighborhood and in that way raise the value of the neighborhood.