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Personality and Anonymity: Dwelling in public-dominated city environment:

by M.J. Abramczyk

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: dwelling; open structure; kunbuurt; amstel; housing; student
Record ID: 1242281
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The subject of the project ("Personality and Anonymity: Dwelling in Public dominated City Environment") is a subset of Studio's theme ("At Home in the City"). The project denotes the primary trait of home as its personality (understood as dwelling's susceptibility to semiotic changes imposed by its user). Consequently, one of project's main challenges was to implement dwelling typologies susceptible to user personalisation into anonymous, public-dominated city environment of Van Der Kunbuurt (site designated by the studio assignment). However, such implementation was not to be achieved on expense of public domain's quality and but on the contrary - it should lead to an improved coexistence of public and private realms, which both are constituting living in the city.