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Regional Disaster Events and Environment Simulations by Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Model

by Han Soo LEE

Institution: Kyoto University
Year: 2007
Keywords: Regional Atmosphere-Ocean copuled model; Wind-Wave-Current interaction; Typhoon-Ocean interaction; Storm surge; Extreme high waves; SST cooling; Stratification; Residual currents; Wave overtopping; Disaster prevention; 500
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学位授与大学:京都大学 ; 取得学位: 博士(工学) ; 学位授与年月日: 2007-09-25 ; 学位の種類: 新制・課程博士 ; 学位記番号: 工博第2844号 ; 請求記号: 新制/工/1418 ; 整理番号: 25529 An atmosphere-ocean coupled model was developed based on a preexisting non-hydrostatic mesoscale atmosphere model (MM5) and non-hydrostatic ocean circulation model (MITgcm). This model together with a pre-established wind-wave-currents coupled model was applied to a number of regional environmental issue and disaster events to reproduce the present status and past situations and to help our understanding of the physical processes of such problems in terms of atmosphere-ocean interactions including the sea surface waves in the interface between air and sea. The disaster events and environmental issue studied in this thesis are follows. 1) Storm surge induced by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf coast of USA in 2005. 2) Extreme high waves at Hara coast, Suruga Bay in Japan caused by the super-Typhoon TIP in 1979. 3) Positive and negative feedbacks in typhoon-ocean interaction in case of Typhoon ETAU in 2003. 4) Thermal water circulation in a dam-made lake (Yachiyo Lake) in Hiroshima, Japan concerning on the hydrodynamics in the lake. 5) Reanalysis of the past 47 storms that caused disasters in West Kyushu, Japan. 6) Wave overtopping simulation over through the submerged offshore breakwater and enhance seawall. The Regional Environment and Disaster Prevention Simulator is proposed and constructed based on the regional atmosphere-ocean coupled model in this thesis of which the objective was improvement of the numerical assessment method to disaster events and environment problems by introducing he coupling effects between different systems. Kyoto University (京都大学) 0048 新制・課程博士 博士(工学) 甲第13373号 工博第2844号 新制/工/1418 25529 UT51-2007-Q774 京都大学大学院工学研究科社会基盤工学専攻 (主査)教授 関口 秀雄, 教授 間瀬 肇, 教授 中北 英一 学位規則第4条第1項該当