Homo- and Heterometal Carbonyl Nanoclusters

by Iacopo and#60;1987and#62 Ciabatti

Institution: Università di Bologna
Year: 2015
Keywords: CHIM/03 Chimica generale e inorganica
Record ID: 1224774
Full text PDF: http://amsdottorato.unibo.it/6938/1/Ciabatti_Iacopo_tesi.pdf


In this thesis, the syntheses and the characterizations of several new bimetallic carbonyl clusters have been outlined. X-ray crystallography is a key technique in order to elucidate their structures which can be related to their chemical and physical properties. In particular, electrochemical studies are very useful in order to understand how the physical properties of metal aggregates change with increasing size and when the molecular behavior fades into bulk behavior. Moreover, the incipient metallization of the cluster has be assessed (not measured) via UV-vis analyses even if this technique revealed to be not very useful in order to distinguish the different species present in solution. Overall, this work demonstrates that molecular nanoclusters are ideal models in order to better understand the structures and properties of ultrasmall metal nanoparticles.