Higher Chern-Simons gauge theory

by Emanuele and#60;1987and#62 Soncini

Institution: Università di Bologna
Year: 2015
Keywords: FIS/02 Fisica teorica, modelli e metodi matematici
Record ID: 1224512
Full text PDF: http://amsdottorato.unibo.it/6768/1/soncini_emanuele_tesi.pdf


Higher gauge theory arises naturally in superstring theory, but many of its features remain obscure. In this thesis, after an exposition of the bacis tools in local higher gauge theory, a higher gauge Chern-Simons model is defined. We discuss the classical equations of motion as well as the behaviour of the gauge anomaly. We perform canonical quantization and we introduce two possible quantization schemes for the model. We also expound higher parallel transport in higher gauge theory, and we speculate that it can provide Wilson surfaces as topological observables for the higher gauge Chern-Simons theory.