Heat Transfer coefficient and film cooling effectiveness measurement in flat plate and cutback trailing edge vane cascade


Institution: Università degli studi di Bergamo
Year: 2014
Keywords: Heat transfer coefficient; Adiabatic effectiveness; Transient technique; ING-IND/08 - Macchine a Fluido; ING-IND/09 - Sistemi per l'Energia e L'Ambiente
Record ID: 1222915
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10446/30626


This Thesis presents a dissertation about an experimental method, and a subsequent numerical data post processing, having as goal the heat transfer coefficient and adiabatic effectiveness measurement in gas turbine film cooling problems. The present work has been developed starting from an aerodynamic characterization of a linear nozzle vane cascade, cooled at the trailing edge by a cutback geometry, mounted in a suction-type wind tunnel at University of Bergamo turbomachinery laboratory. In second instance the thermodynamic problem was studied. After a bibliographic analysis, an optimization method based on transient technique has been implemented to process the experimental data, in order to obtain film cooling effectiveness and convective heat transfer coefficients. The second part of the thesis regards a simpler kind of problem. Indeed, in order to test the optimization method, a new series of test were performed, on a flat plate wind tunnel, allowing to develop and verify new experimental techniques (Pressure Sensitive Paints) and new procedures.