Design of a new harrow type wool transport mechanism to reduce fibre entanglement

by Juramirza and#60;1978and#62 Kayumov

Institution: Università di Bologna
Year: 2015
Keywords: ING-IND/13 Meccanica applicata alle macchine
Record ID: 1222853
Full text PDF: http://amsdottorato.unibo.it/7192/4/phd_thesis_kayumov.pdf


The wool is entangled at several stages of its processing. In the conventional scouring machines, the prongs or the rakes agitate the wool and lead the fiber entanglement. Several scouring systems have been commercialized in order to reduce the fiber entanglement. In spite of the existing technologies, the conventional scouring machines are widely used in wool processing. In this thesis, a new approach for the harrow type wool transport mechanism has been introduced. The proposed mechanism has been designed based on the motion of the conventional harrow type wool transport mechanism by exploiting new synthesis concepts. The developed structure has been synthesized based on the Hrones and Nelson's "Atlas of four bar linkages". The four bar linkage has been applied for the desired trajectory of the developed wool transport mechanism. The prongs of the developed mechanism immerse the wool into the scouring liquor and gently propel forward toward the end of the machine with approximately straight line motion in a certain length instead of circular or elliptical motion typical of the conventional machines.