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Finding Myself in Fiction: On Writing Second Solstice

by Elísabet Stenberg 1987

Institution: University of Iceland
Year: 2015
Keywords: Bókmenntir, menning og miðlun
Record ID: 1220738
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1946/21000


This thesis consists of the novella Second Solstice (about 28,000 words) and an exposition on the writing process (close to 8,000 words). The project presents my first attempt at writing a novella, although I have dabbled in writing my entire life. My goal for this thesis was to create a story that resonates with people, and characters that will live on in the minds of the readers long after they have finished reading it. Second Solstice is set in Reykjavík in the year of 2014. It portrays a dysfunctional, but loving family and the journey to self-discovery. Vera is a troubled teenage girl trying to find her place in the world. As her father has been absent for most of her life, and her melancholy mother is struggling to cope with a dark past, Vera feels responsible for helping to take care of her two younger brothers. A few days before her eighteenth birthday Vera finds out that she and her two younger brothers are descended from Wiccans, and that they each have their own unique abilities. They discover that their father is also a Wiccan, and this information drives Vera to go search for him so she can finally get answers to questions that have been weighing on her for some time. What she discovers is something entirely unexpected, and will change her life forever. The exposition gives an account of what went into writing Second Solstice. The exposition is made up of five chapters. I delve deep into the events in my life that have led to the creation of Second Solstice, what inspired the story, how I prepared for it, what research I did, what I have learned on the theory of creative writing, the ups and downs of the writing process itself, how I formed the characters, and finally, how I plotted the story.