Aspects of hydrogen generation by Electrolysis of water;

by Seetha raman S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Aspects of hydrogen generation by Electrolysis of water
Year: 2015
Keywords: Alkaline water electrolysis; Pulse electrodeposition
Record ID: 1220215
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39107


In recent years the increased demand for high efficiency energy newlinesupplies have led to active research on alternative approaches for energy newlineproduction that are environmentally friendly and low cost Hydrogen as newlineattractive fuel for power generation is increasingly being addressed to newlineovercome issues associated with fossil fuels Hydrogen is important energy newlinealternatives as its combustion products are only water Water electrolysis is newlinethe best technology for producing hydrogen and oxygen with no resulting newlinegreenhouse gas emissions This investigation therefore focuses on the aspects newlineof production of hydrogen by means of water and alkaline water electrolysis newline AWE Thus this dissertation addresses the optimization of materials such as newlineElectrodes membranes and stabilisers for hydrogen production as an newlineapproach to reduce the cost of hydrogen The scope of the study was to newlineinvestigate nickel Ni alloy electrodes prepared by four methods viz direct newlinecurrent electrodeposition pulse electrodeposition sono assisted direct current newlineelectrodeposition and sono assisted pulse electrodeposition Oxygen evolution newlinestudies carried out using these electrodes resulted in higher current density for newlinethe electrode prepared by sono assisted pulse electrodeposition technique newlinewhen compared to those prepared by other methods Following this the effect newlineof citric acid as an electrolyte additive was carried out as a method to newlineimprove performance of the electrodes It was found to decrease surface newlinetension improve catalytic activity and improve performance by forming a newlinecomplex with the alloy electrode newline%%%reference p180-208.