AbstractsComputer Science

Enhanced caching techniques for Data dissemination and accessibility In mobile ad hoc networks;

by Sabiyath fatima N

Institution: Anna University
Department: Enhanced caching techniques for Data dissemination and accessibility In mobile ad hoc networks
Year: 2015
Keywords: Comprehensive Cache Management; Integrated Query Caching Technique Hit; Mobile ad hoc Network
Record ID: 1220157
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/40768


The storing and retrieving of cached data is difficult and unreliable newlinein a Mobile ad hoc Network MANET where the mobile nodes form a newlinetemporary network without the help of any centralized administration Data newlineaccess and dissemination in the uncertain mobile ad hoc network MANET is newlinea challenging issue due to frequent disconnections and there is low data newlineavailability due to node link failure and long query delay is encountered due newlineto multi hop links Caching schemes introduced for faster retrieval has newlineimproved the data access performance and availability by locally storing newlinecopies of remote data objects In spite of many research contributions newlineavailable for data caching variable data sizes frequent data updates limited newlineclient resources insufficient wireless bandwidth and client s mobility make newlinecache management a challenge and there is a need to provide efficient data newlinedissemination and information access among the highly mobile nodes This newlineresearch aims to reduce the query delay make the number of hops between newlinethe data centre and the requester as small as possible ensuring efficient data newlinedissemination among the group members of MANET improving performance newlineand efficiency of data access newlineThe primary objective of this research is to develop enhanced newlinecaching techniques for a Comprehensive Cache Management CCM scheme newlinein Mobile ad hoc networks which includes Path Pre Fetching Technique newlineIntegrated Query Caching Technique Hit count based cache replacement newlinetechniques and Extended adaptive Time To Live cache invalidation technique newlinethat accounts for path pre fetching cache efficiency cache replacement and newlinecache consistency maintenance newline newline%%%reference p123-128.