Study of automated code generation Generative programming machine Learning in computing and Software engineering;

by Senthil J

Institution: Anna University
Department: Study of automated code generation Generative programming machine Learning in computing and Software engineering
Year: 2015
Keywords: Generative System Development; software engineering
Record ID: 1219801
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34176


Today the software market forces to develop bigger better and newlinefaster applications in ever quicker times and it is in direct contest with the newlinedevelopment teams need for longer times to develop these same applications newlineReducing development and maintenance time is progressively important newlineobjective for developers of software Automatic code generation Generative newlineProgramming and Machine Learning in software engineering are some of the newlineapproaches in achieving this goal and the study focuses these methodologies newlineGenerative Programming is a paradigm for engineering software newlinesystem families such that given particular requirements specification a newlinecustomized and optimized system can be automatically constructed from newlineelementary reusable implementation components by means of configuration newlineknowledge The goal of generative programming in software engineering is to newlineincrease the productivity quality and time in terms of system families rather newlinethan single systems newlineInappropriately earlier art for code generation has been limited to newlinesingle system engineering and thus using code generation to build specific newlinesystems to solve specific problems As a result previous methods and newlinetechniques used in Generative System Development provide limited solutions newlinein terms of software components which are generated and limited suppleness newlineor variance in those generated components newline newline%%%appendix p142-180, reference p181-192.