Investigations into Performance complexity tradeoffs Of capacity maximising mimo antenna Selection algorithms;

by Ayyem pillai V

Institution: Anna University
Department: Investigations into Performance complexity tradeoffs Of capacity maximising mimo antenna Selection algorithms
Year: 2015
Keywords: Multiple transmit and multiple receive; Radio frequency chains
Record ID: 1218617
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41928


MIMO systems employ multiple transmit and multiple receive newlineantenna elements These systems substantially improve the data rate of newlinetransmission and reliability of reception without any additional bandwidth newlineHigh data rates are achieved by using spatial multiplexing techniques in newlinewhich multiple data streams are transmitted simultaneously Increase in newlinereliability is achieved by exploiting spatial diversity Though MIMO systems newlineare attractive the systems demand high signal processing and hardware newlinecomplexity and cost An important contributor to the complexity and cost is newlineradio frequency chains RFCs in transmitter and receiver Antenna selection newlineis a technique which addresses some of the hardware complexity and cost newlineissues of MIMO systems In this technique available RFCs are fewer in newlinenumber than the available antenna elements Out of the available antenna newlineelements only as many antenna elements as equal to the number of RFCs newlinewill be selected The selection must be such that its speed must be fast enough newlineand it must fetch maximum capacity Hence it is necessary to devise good newlineperformance complexity tradeoff fetching algorithms newlineThis thesis investigates capacity maximising antenna selection newlinealgorithms for their performance complexity tradeoffs It is assumed that the newlinechannel is a slow varying one and instantaneous channel information is newlinenecessary for antenna selection newline newline%%%appendix p122-126, reference p127-130.