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A study on electrophoretic deposition of chitosan on micro fibrous substrates

by T Senthilram

Institution: Anna University
Department: A study on electrophoretic deposition of chitosan on micro fibrous substrates
Year: 2015
Keywords: Electrophoretic deposition; polycaprolactone
Record ID: 1218401
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34816


The micro fibrous substrates mimic the extra cellular matrix ECM of the human system There is emerging requirement of these micro fibrous substrates for various applications In the present work the centrifugal force was applied to needle type spinning system and pot type spinning system for producing micro fibres Highly crimped fibres were obtained from the needle type spinning system because the ejected fibre comes out with higher tension and the sudden release of this tension causes crimps to be produced in the fibres On the other hand the fibres from the pot type spinning system are highly aligned and are without any crimps On comparing both the systems highly crimped configuration in fibres could be obtained from the needle spinning system and highly aligned thin fibrous sheet could be obtained from the pot type spinning system In the present work, polycaprolactone PCL fibre was successfully obtained from both type of centrifugal spinning system The PCL polymeric substrates lack in cell adhesion and cell proliferation due to their hydrophobic nature To enhance the hydrophilic nature of the substrates surface coating by another hydrophilic polymer is one of the widely deployed methods Surface coating can be applied by a simple dip coating or by electrophoretic deposition EPD It has been found that chitosan macromolecules can be coated on the desirable substrates by EPD technique newline%%%reference p167-195.