Extraction of superficial and volumetric features in three dimensional digital images using morphological methods; -

by sultana Towheed

Institution: Anna University
Department: Information and Communication Engineering
Year: 2014
Keywords: Extended Filters; Geometric Filters; Information and communication engineering; Mathematical morphology; Morphological methods; Three dimensional digital images
Record ID: 1216987
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/24763


The purpose of the work intended for research is to formulate techniques and strategies for detecting Superficial and Volumetric features of three dimensional digital images Mathematical morphology plays an important role in such formulations The structuring elements of various discrete structures are studied using the algebraic tool called Geometric Filters The concept of Geometric Filters was introduced by Rajan and newlineothers in 1995 as Geometric interpretation of Extended Filters which were introduced by Preston Hammer and others in 1985 Extended Filter is a set of theoretical concepts developed with the help of set valued set functions of extended topology The traditional topology deals with infinite spaces and constructs The concept of Topological Filter was introduced by Cartan during 1950s which is defined as a set of subsets of a power set with the condition that the presence of an element in the filter ensures the presence of all its super sets This concept is similar to that of fundamental frequency and harmonics newline newline%%%Appendix p.180-203, References p.204-214.