Efficient mobility pattern based location management scheme in wireless networks; -

by J Amar Pratap Singh

Institution: Anna University
Department: Information and Communication Engineering
Year: 2014
Keywords: Information and communication engineering; Location management; Mobile terminals; Wireless networks
Record ID: 1216882
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/22063


Future mobile systems will be characterized by high user density and high newlinemobility and also enable user to communicate regardless of their geographical newlinelocation Large number of handovers and registrations will place great demands on newlineradio links One of the major issues in mobile wireless systems is location newlinemanagement LM which is the process that allows a network to identify the exact newlinelocation of a mobile terminal for call delivery To keep the mobile terminals MT newlineconnected in spite of mobility the network has to keep track of mobile terminals newlinewhich will be used to find mobile terminals when incoming calls have to be newlineforwarded towards the mobile terminals Mobile networks also have the newlinerequirement of being efficient in updating this location information faster and in a newlinecost efficient manner newlineLocation Management consists of keeping track of mobile terminals and newlinefinding the exact location of mobile terminal when call has to be forwarded to the newlinemobile terminal This forms two phases location update and paging phases newlineKeeping track of mobile terminal is done by a process named Location Update and newlinefinding mobile terminal is done by another process named Paging Whenever a newlinemobile terminal enters a new location area the mobile terminal s home location newlineregister will be updated newline newline%%%Reference p.150-160, Appendix p.140-149