Design and performance analysis of scalable and efficient key management scheme for multicast networks; -

by N M Saravana Kumar

Institution: Anna University
Department: Information and Communication Engineering
Year: 2014
Keywords: Information and communication engineering; Multicast networks; Scalable and Efficient Key Management Scheme for multicast network; UDP/IP
Record ID: 1216828
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/24397


Secure Multicasting is a popular communication approach in which secure transmission of information takes place from one source to many receivers It is based on UDP IP The idea of multicast starts with the transmission of video and audio to a single IP address and then data grams flow to several recipients This kind of approach means huge amounts of newlinenetwork bandwidth and server load savings Later the document defining multicast extensions for IP version 4 has been evolved Multicast has not yet been extensively used since it is an extension to IPv4 standard because craving for on demand and group conferencing type services is not very large Most of the routers in Internet are simple uni cast routers and newer routers support multicasting Hence the technology is spreading The Multicast technology needs all the routers and hosts along the route from the sending host to the receiving multicast group members The members in the multicast networks are organized as groups It also plays a vital role in computer networks and communication systems which include many emerging applications based on multicast group communications The extensive applications of group communication include newlinefile software updating video audio transmission multiparty video games news chat newline video conferencing, military application simulation services and so on newline newline%%%References p.165-172