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Empirical study on impact of Emerging organised urban agro Retailers on traditional Vegetable retail;

by Rajkumar P

Institution: Anna University
Department: Empirical study on impact of Emerging organised urban agro Retailers on traditional Vegetable retail
Year: 2014
Keywords: corporate Major Indian; Liberalisation of Indian economy; Management science; Urban agro Retailers on traditional Vegetable retail
Record ID: 1216779
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Marketing of vegetable is an old activity however over a period of newlinetime marketing practices are changing Very specifically and recently newlinevegetable retailing witness entry of corporate houses and evolution of newlineadvanced retailing practices in Indian markets Retailing in India is at nascent newlinestage of its evolution but within a short period of time certain trends are newlineclearly emerging which are in line with global experiences Liberalisation of newlineIndian economy and simultaneous globalisation triggered an accelerated newlineindustrial growth across the spectrum of all market segments in India Retail newlineindustry as a whole is not an exception Vegetable retail industry also newlineobserved advancement into organised trading Widespread growth in newlineorganised vegetable retailing business in recent years is estimated to continue newlinein the future Though fresh vegetable retail has been considered as a very low newlinemargin business the market potential has attracted business houses and newlinecorporate Major Indian corporate houses have entered in to vegetable retails newlinewith an ambitious business plans Multi national corporations set up their newlineshops in collaboration with Indian companies in the area of vegetable retail newline newline%%%apendix p167-187, reference p188-205.