AbstractsComputer Science

Advanced mobile agent security architecture for protecting mobile agent environment; -

by P Marikkannu

Institution: Anna University
Department: Information and Communication Engineering
Year: 2014
Keywords: computer science engineering; mobile agent environment; security architecture
Record ID: 1216627
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The Mobile Agent technology has become a promising paradigm in newlinedistributed computing because of its flexibility dynamic customization and newlinerobust interaction in unreliable networks In addition to these benefits Mobile newlineAgent technology has the ability to reduce the network load and thereby newlinereduces network latency Although Mobile Agent technology posseses newlinevarious benefits security risks related to the agent and platform restricts its newlineusage in various applications Currently available security mechanisms do not newlineefficiently handle all the existing threats Security mechanisms must protect newlineboth the agent and the platform where the agent is executing The research newlinework addresses the security issues and proposes advanced security newlinearchitectures with multilevel protection and recovery mechanism in an open newlineMobile Agent environment for both the agent and platform newline newline%%%Reference p.174-190