Impact of lifestyle on social capital an empirical study Among educators in kerala;

by Arunchand C H

Institution: Anna University
Department: Impact of lifestyle on social capital an empirical study Among educators in kerala
Year: 2015
Keywords: Matha Pitha Guru Daivam Mother
Record ID: 1210655
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39746


Matha Pitha Guru Daivam Mother father and teacher to be newlineconsidered as god this is what the Indian ethos teach us and points to the newlineimportance of educators in Indian society Of the diverse forms of worship newlineprevalent in India from time immemorial worship of the divine mother and newlinefather has occupied a place of singular significance This idea of worshipping newlinethe divine as the eternal mother and father has not been developed in any part newlineof the world Subsequent to mother and father next position goes to teacher newline Educator is just like a lamp which burns itself to light others newline Radhakrishnan, 1923 As per this saying educators put their effort and newlinepatience to groom a worth full society They impart values culture and ethical newlinethoughts to disciplines to create a better future The role of educator is newlinereflected as a transforming agent who transforms a student to a good citizen newlineand the students must be educated to become the instruments to develop an newlineintegrated nation out of our diversities newline newline%%%appendix p195-201, reference p203-220.